Thursday, April 17, 2014

Buy 1 dollar and get 10 dollar Rebtel credit.
Rebtel , the leading cheap internet call provider offer very special offer for new accounts. The voucher code RebtelOffer will give customers $10 when purchasing $1, and the offer is for new users only. They will get 9 US dollar Rebtel calling credit absolutely free.The offer is valid four days only, from April 17th to April 20th. This is a very rare offer from Rebtel, do not miss it! Rebtel is all about choice. Would you rather call from your PC, Android or iPhone? Download one of free Rebtel apps and get started saving on your international calling instantly. Also you can make free mobile to mobile calls to any Rebtel member. Please note this special offer only for new Rebtel accounts and must be submit the voucher code RebtelOffer when you signup. Don't forget This offer will end on 20 th April 2014.
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 Rebtel Buy 1USD and get 10 USD offer

Friday, March 14, 2014

Make money with Google adsense.

money_adsenseGoogle Adsense is the best option for bloggers and webmasters. last 3 years i am using this program and getting paid a fair amount. I noticed some people wondering and they asking why Google paying money to you ? The answer is simple. We will see how work this program .

How to make money with Google adsense program ?

The publishers ( bloggers and website owners ) are giving space to Google for show advertisement in their websites. Google displaying ads from the companies in this space and Google sharing the ad revenue to publishers. Google adsense programs can use any type of websites and blogs but that must meets Google guide line policies.

How to apply for Adsense program ?

Any above 18 years old can apply for Adsesnse program from Adsense website . You can fill and submit form from .You need a website or blog for apply for this program. Google adsense team manually check your your website and approve the application if you are eligible for this program. You need a valid postal address for apply this program. Google will send a code through mail to your postal address when you read $10 in your account. You need put this code for verify your postal address. You can access adsense dashboard after approved your application. Adsense dashboard display the page views, clicks, earning and other details. Adsense ads available in different sizes and formats such as text ads, image ads, display ads and search box. Adding ads to your website simple , copy the HTML script from the dash board and copy on your website script. Google will display different ads in this space depend on your visitors country and other matters. Your website visitors interested in this ads and if they click on this ad you with get earning. Maybe you have a question, how much i will earn from a click ? . I cant say the answer because i got $23 for a single click and some click single cent only earned. The earning amount vary in different countries and visitor. The actual calculating method Google never disclosed. Earning related to your website visitors because more visitors lead to more clicks and more earning. adsense_payment

How to get paid ?

Google paying your earnings in different methods depends on your country and region . I receiving my earnings through Western Union quick pay. This the simple and speed way for receive money from Google. I am collecting money from Western Union branch in Saudi by giving my ID card and Western Union MTCN number . This payment form not available in all countries. International check payments available to most of all countries included India. Google also offer Bank transfer payment to selected countries. Recently Google started payments through Wire transfer to India. This is a wonderful program for make money online. I just used this program for just for test , but i earned money more than my expectation. You must keep Google guidelines for Adsenses websites because they can block the site any time without any warning. Adsesnse not only a single option for make money online, many alternative programs available on web. i will try to write about more programs.  

Online coursers from google

google_online_coursesLearning new things in interesting subject is nice experience . I participated two Google online courses conducted by YouTube and Google Analytics. Both are 3 weeks duration courses and very interesting and I got letter completion. YouTube creator Academy course named Maximize Your channel, that started at September 30 . This course divided in to 6 lessons and each lesson contains video classes, texts, activities and assessment. The main content of this course is about new YouTube one channel feature. I learn lot of new things about create and improve performance of YouTube channel. They made two types of video classes for this course live action and animated videos. Both are same content live action videos performed by Sorted cooking channel team. But I like the animated videos because that helps me to understand contents clearly. I completed this course within 3 days and got certificate of completion. I applied which I learned from this course in my personnel YouTube Channel. This channel still available in self-study mode click here
The second course conducted by Google Analytics academy course named Digital Analytics Fundamentals. Google Analytics is the program for the monitor website traffic and source. I used this program for check my websites performance and traffic . This course help me to know about this deeply. This course is not easy like YouTube course because I am not very familiar in this subject. This course divided in to 6 Unites and each units contains multiple lessons. Video and text lessons , practice activities and assessments are the main components. This video classes taken by Justin Cutroni, he is Digital Analytics Evangelist at Google. His classes are very interesting and easy to understand. I completed the course and got certificate of completion. The course materials will remain available on website. But now Google not offering exam and certificate. Google plan to offer Digital Analytics Fundamentals and other Google Analytics-related courses on Analytics Academy in the future.Stay tuned to the Google Analytics blog and the Google+ community for Analytics Academy to be notified when new courses are announced. certificate_analytics
 We are learning lot of things from internet, but as a online course is much interesting . Online courses will teach us deeply in specific subject because this courses included video classes , texts , activities , exam and we have target to complete. Thank you very much Google for conduct this wonderful courses.

Get an international incoming number

Do you want a international number ? That is the land phone number from US,UK or any other countries. This is incoming numbers also known DID number , you can receive the incoming call from any where in the world. I was very interested for buy a DID number when i hear about this. Skype and other lots of companies offering this services but they are charging the monthly rent around 5 dollar. After a long search i got wonderful UK virtual incoming number in very cheap price. I got this (+441234******) UK land line number from the Localphone company, they are offering incoming number from one of over 45 destinations. They are offering the monthly rent from 99 cents per month and very cheap charges for incoming diverts. You can receive calls on your phone at low international rates, or get free calls with Internet Phone. E.g. If you’re in India and call you from the United States, you pay calling rates to India for the duration of the call. But forward calls to Localphone Internet Phone is free and also they have a free voice mail option. VOIP companies are offering free calls to some countries like US, Canada and UK, if your incoming number from such countries , anybody can make free calls to you from their computer and smartphone. Localcall will deduct the monthly rent from your account balance.  Also Localphone,gives 10% free credit to new customers on their first order with Voucher code RVOIP when make the first payment. Click below link and use voucher code RVOIP for the offer. Get 10% extra Localphone credit.

How to buy VOIP credit?

How to buy VOIP credit? I am receiving lots of emails with this question. This article for the answer of most asked that question, you can read about buy credit methods . VOIP is an internet technology based service and definitely the most of the VOIP business going over on net. But majority of people still not aware about online payment methods and this peoples using off line methods for buy credits.

Credit card and Debit card

Credit card and Debit card are the most using online payment methods in the world. All major banks providing this facility to their account holders. Visa and Master card are the leading card network providers and all major VOIP companies accept these cards. The user needs to type card number expiry date and CVV or security code for process this payment. For the security reasons some cards need enter the passwords on the end of the payment processing. The cards are linked to bank account and deducting the purchasing amount from bank account or they will charge the amount later if use the credit card. Security is the main problem of credit card and we must use credit card securely on line otherwise the chances of losing money is more . Credit cards are not issuing by banks to all customers and most of them using debit cards and ATM cards only. Some of these cards are not supporting online purchase and these card holders finding other ways for buy credit online.  


Ukash is the one major online payment method that using Europe and other part of the world. Ukash is 19 digit unique code that you can purchase from over 420,000 outlets worldwide, in over 55 countries. You can get Ukash from shops, petrol stations, kiosks, ATMs and online. Ukash is safe and can be used immediately for secure payment. Your Ukash code can be used to pay the VOIP websites that accept Ukash. Visit www.ukash,com for details.


CashU is the leading payment method in the middle east and North Africa area. cashU offers you a free payment account! From the homepage, click on the (Register Now) link then complete the short registration form and continue with the simple steps sent to your email address to have your account activated. . CashU is dollar based virtual account that you can load money to account with different ways as following. CashU card is a prepaid card that available leading shops . You can load money to your cashU account by enter the unique code . Where to buy cashU cards. UAE exchange is a global leader in remittance and foreign exchange- You can load your CashU account by deposit money at UAE Exchange in UAE ,Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan and Kuwait. They will charge 10 Dirham or equal amount per deposit. The amount will available in your cashU account within 24 hours. Fawry is an Egyptian payment service , you can load money to your cashu account by Deposit an amount at any of Fawry points of sale, ATM’s, post offices or banks and the funds will be added immediately to your cashU account. Ukash- You can use Ukash for load money to your cashu account by enter the unique 19 digit code. You can also use Cash United , Masry money express (Lebanon ) ,Bee ( Egypt), TAM (Bahrain), Emirates International Exchange, KeyBs, UNIPAY (UAE) for load cashU account.


Onecardis the online payment gateway and estore in the Middle East . Buy VOIP credit without the need to have credit cards or even bank accounts . You can create a free Onecard account by visit OneCard Homepage , click Register an Account , fill in registration form and follow directions to confirm your email and mobile number. Recharge your Onecard account with different ways .Onecad prepaid card available at more than 9000 point of sale which are located in more than 20 countries. OneCard prepaid cards are available in different denominations and prices that match users need. Bank transfer facility available in KSA with no extra fees! Transfer money from your Saudi bank account to OneCard's bank account, and get the same amount at your OneCard account right away. Also you can transfer money from your Kuwaiti bank account to OneCard's bank account with 2.5% extra fees! UAE Exchange- Deposit any amount at any of UAE Exchange branches which are located around the world and funds will be added to your OneCard within hours. Fawry is an Egyptian payment service available through banks and a nationwide network of retailers and also Egypt Post offices, deposit an amount at any Fawry POS, 3800 post office or ATMs and get funds at your OneCard account GSCash is a professional payment platform with thousands of payment locations in Turkey. GS Cash is an easy, quick and safe way shop online - without using your credit card. You can enter the GSCash voucher number and recharge your Onecard account. Ukash is safe, quick and easy way to spend money on the Internet - without using a credit or debit card. You can enter the Ukash voucher number and recharge your Onecard account. Masary is an Egyptian company that provides its services through more than 1,500 outlets all over Egypt. OneCard users in Egypt can now receive OneCard prepaid cards via SMS using Masary. You can also use credit card for recharge your Onecard account.


Paypal is the leading online payment method in the world and you can buy VOIP credit by using your Credit and debit card. Once you added your credit card to PayPal then no need enter details in future. PayPal guaranteed they will not disclose our card details to other sites. User need create a free PayPal account and link the credit card to for buy the VOIP credit.


Skrill (Moneybookers) is payment solution based Europe that you can use for purchase the VOIP credit. Skrill support credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express and over 100 payment options.

Local Resellers

Major VOIP companies are appointed resellers around the world. A huge number of users buying credit with this off line method. You can buy VOIP credit from resellers in different way as vouchers, preloaded VOIP accounts and money transfers. Delmont reselling system is the most successful reselling system . Over sixty VOIP brands ( Actionvoip, Smartvoip, Jumblo, Freecall etc) running under the Delmont company. The reseller details in your country available in buy credit section, contact your nearest reseller and they will recharge your account.

Bank Transfer

Transfer the amount to the Bank account of VOIP company or third party processors and they will debit credit to the VOIP account. The international bank transfer may take days to reach amount to account and transfer charges are high. This method mainly using bulk purchasing resellers because this is profitable for them only. I know this is incomplete but these are the mostly using methods . We are now working for create special section about payment methods in our website . Happy calling.

 Rebtel 100% bonus offer available now. Get 10$ free credit with first purchase of 10$. This offer only for new accounts and you must submit the voucher code 100%bonus when you signup. Click here or below banner for get the 100% extra offer.

100% extra offer from Rebtel.

Rebtel, the Swedish cheap call provider offers exclusive 100% bonus for first deposit to our readers. You will get 10 dollar extra simply with this offer. You need submit the voucher code 100%bonus when you sign up for new account. After your 10 dollar first purchase extra 10 dollar will be add to your account instantly. Rebtel is all about choice. Would you rather call from your PC, Android or iPhone? Download one of free Rebtel apps and get started saving on your international calling instantly. Also you can make free mobile to mobile calls to any Rebtel member. Please not this special offer only for new Rebtel accounts and must be submit the voucher code 100%bonus when you signup. Click here or below banner for get the 100% extra offer.

Free 10 dollar credit from Pingo

I am very interested to introduce new offers from the internet calling providers. Now get 10 dollar free calling credit from Pingo when a new customer buy a 20 dollar calling card. Pingo is the best choice for long distance and international calling. Pingo offer high quality, low cost service to more than 200 countries. Plus, Pingo Soft phone web service, customers can access the service and save on their calls worldwide at cheap cost. Pingo is easy to use and doesn't require customers to purchase any new equipment or change phone companies. Pingo offer great rates for international calls, including calls from mobile phones. In fact, Pingo Mobile routinely saves customers 90% or more on international calls from mobile phones, even compared to international cellular plans. Using Pingo phone cards is simple as follows. You purchase calling time with your credit card, and set up your own unique Personal Identification Number (PIN). Then you're ready to start using Pingo and saving on long distance calls. connected from anywhere in the World without paying extra charges. Make calls from your computer using Pingo Soft Phone. Make call from computer browser without complicated downloads or software installations. Local access numbers are the another method for making Pingo calls. This service available more than thirty countries and make cheap international calls from the local phone in this countries. You can also make calls from Pingo EZ Dial application on your smart phone.Pingo cards are easy to recharge. Customers can sign up for automatic recharge service so that they will never be cut off due to insufficient funds. Pingo international calling cards have no additional fees , but they charging just a 98¢ per month account as maintenance fee. Get free 10 dollar Pingo calling credit is simple for new customers. Signup and buy 20 dollar credit , you will get total 30 dollar credit included 10 dollar free extra credit. Click following link or banner for get this offer. $10.00 Prepaid Calling Card Bonus! ( click here) That's over 8 ½ hours of FREE talk time Animated Cartoon Banner